October 17, 2012

By October 17, 2012Announcements

Student of the Day:
        Sierra Lawrence chosen by Mrs. Hollie Bulkley.

Drama:    Auditions are just a couple of hours away and we are so excited about how many people will be there!  If you didn't get the permission form, there are more now just outside of the Drama room. If there are no more slots left, sign up after the last time listed and we'll go as long as we need to.
For all students interested in being involved in Operation Smile:
         There will be an Opening Social on Thursday, October 18, from 5-7 p.m. at Big Screen Game Center in Orem. We will plan activities for the year and then play X-box on 10 twelve foot screens projected on the walls. We will also be taking sizes for our Operation Smile T-shirts. This is a fun club and a great way to serve others. Everyone come!! A flyer with the address is available in the Main Office. See you there!!

        Sadie Hawkins – THIS SATURDAY- Tickets are $15.00 in advance.
PTSA REFLECTIONS THEME: "The Magic of a Moment"
        Entries due October 19th to the front office
        Forms may be found on the school home page. Additional information may be found at utahpta.org.