November 28, 2012

By November 28, 2012Announcements

Seniors:    College applications are quickly approaching, some as soon as December 1st. The counselors will be available to help with admissions and scholarship applications in the high school writing lab, as well as send transcripts to colleges today during parent/teacher conferences and tomorrow from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. If you have any questions please contact the counseling office.

ACT TEST:    All students that are signed up to take the December ACT to listen closely to the following announcement.
        In order to take the test you need to have uploaded a picture of yourself on your ACT account.  If you have not done this yet you only have until Tuesday morning, Dec. 4th.

        There are 28 OHS students out there that have not completed the Photo Upload and if it is not done you will not be able to take the ACT test next week.

        If you need help on doing this see Mrs. Wimmer in the counseling office.
Attention Seniors!
        The University of Utah will be here on Thursday, Nov 29th during lunch! If you have any questions about your application, scholarships or anything else about student life at the University of Utah, now is the time to get those questions answered! Make sure to take the time to come talk to the Representative from the U of U during lunch on Thursday!

        Representatives from Southern Utah University and Utah State University Eastern will be at Orem High this Friday, November 30th beginning at 11:00am! They will be here to help with the college application and to award scholarships on the spot! USU Eastern will even waive the application fee if you apply with them today!  See the Counseling Office for more details!

NHS Members:
        We have our next service project on Saturday at 8:30 am. We will be making various items to donate to the NICU. Remember that you need to attend 3 of the 5 planned service projects. Also, if you missed the induction meeting, you will need to attend an extra (4th) planned project. If you have any questions, come see Ms. Young.

Students:    Yearbook Club and Organization pictures are Nov. 29th and Nov. 30th in the auxiliary gym.  Please see your teacher or club advisor for a schedule and excuse forms so you can be in the picture for the yearbook.

Students:    We need extra help in the serving lines at lunch.  You get a free meal each day!  If you are interested in helping please talk to the Nyra in the lunch office.

9 – 12 Grade Youth Basketball:
        Looking for basketball? The Orem Recreation Dept. will be offering basketball this winter for 9 – 12 graders. Games will be played on Monday through Friday evenings and Saturdays beginning January 5, 2013. Divisions are 9 – 10 grade boys, 11 – 12 grade boys, 9 – 10 grade girls, and 11 – 12 grade girls. Cost for this program is $450.00 per team (8 players per team). Players currently playing on a school team are NOT eligible to participate in this league. Registration will be accepted on a team basis on-line or at the Orem Fitness Center now through Saturday, December 1st . For additional information, please call the Orem Fitness Center at 229-7455.