September 1, 2016

By September 1, 2016September 8th, 2016Announcements

SCHOOL SPIRIT SHIRTS: are now available in the school store, only $3.  Buy one and show your school spirit by wearing it every Friday.

SWIM PARTY: TODAY Thursday September 7th 7:30 at the Scera Pool.  Cost $3.

The Orem Youth Council meets once a month with the Orem City Attorney’s Office, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about city government and issues facing the community.  Applications can be picked up in the office and should be returned by Tuesday September 6, 2016 to Orem City Attorney’s Office at 56 North State Street, Room 200. You can also email to [email protected]

Job Opportunities The Sweet Shack in the University Mall is looking to hire for retail sales.  If you are interested call Richard Spiker at (818) 219-7959

Farmers Insurance is hiring marketers. No experience needed but must be hardworking, honest and willing to learn. Hourly + bonus pay.  If interested send resume to [email protected] or call (435) 215-8361 to schedule an interview.

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