• PRIDE is designed to offer targeted learning remediation during the school day.

  • During PRIDE time students can gain the extra help and accelerated learning they need to be successful in their learning and classes.

  • PRIDE time begins immediately after 3rd period from 12:00 – 12:20 pm; Tuesdays through Fridays.

  • PRIDE is NOT associated with attendance remediation.


  • At the end of 3rd period teachers will run a PRIDE report.

  • Students with grades lower than a “C-” or an “I” in any of their classes must attend PRIDE.

  • Students with grades lower than a “C-” will stay in their 3rd period class to gain the extra help they need, and/or remediate. 

  • All students with an “I” will be excused to go to the teacher’s class that assigned them an “I”.  

  • Students who leave PRIDE without having grades with a “C-” or higher, will be subject to administrative action.

PRIDE is not only subject to students that just need extra help or remediation, but is an opportunity for students to accelerate in their learning.

To receive the extra help, students can attend PRIDE on their own or can request an “I” from a teacher so they can go to that specific teacher’s classroom during PRIDE.