Student Achievement Is Our Business… Our Only Business!


1. We always speak in a professional and positive manner, assume goodwill, talk positively about other teachers/programs and celebrate student success.
2. We commit to take daily attendance, keep our grades current each week, and manage Pride properly.
3. We engage in the PLC process and search for the best ways to help students learn.

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Utah Schools Assessment and Accountability

What is assessment and accountability?

Utah’s Educational Data Gateway is a resource provided by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) that allows the public and school personnel to access education-related data. USOE uses data to analyze student performance and inform educational improvements at the policy, state board, and classroom level.

Accountability and transparency in education data is important for parents and the community as a tool to help inform decisions about their student’s educational choices. The reports found here in the Data Gateway are designed as a tool to provide that information to help concerned individuals see the results of the measurements of student learning outcomes.

Utah’s Educational Data Gateway

Stakeholder Reports