Orem High School & UVU Concurrent Enrollment

Due to COVID we have been having issues this year with applying and registering for classes. UVU recognizes the situation and has extended deadlines a couple of times. The current deadlines are:

Admission as a UVU concurrent enrollment student: Sept 14, 2020

Class registration deadline: Sept 22, 2020

Please note: Those needing to register for the Chinese Bridge CE class will not be doing that online this year.  Please follow the instructions below

  1. Make sure your student is a UVU CE student (they have a UVU ID) if not then they need to apply and pay the $35 application fee.
  2. Send a screen shot of your students AP score to [email protected] (Lisa Sanders CE coordinator) or [email protected] (Mr Heath Chinese teacher) along with your students name and UVU ID.
  3. Lisa Sanders and MR Heath will put together a class roster to be sent to UVU. At which time UVU will officially enroll your student into the class. Mr Heath will then email you letting you know your student is officially enrolled. At that time you will then be able to pay the tuition.

Why Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment gives students an opportunity to get college credit for the courses they are taking during high school. This can not only save time, but it also saves  money. Concurrent enrollment credits are directly transferable to in-state Universities as well as some Universities out-of-state. Even if the credits aren’t directly transferable, the credits can count for elective credits – which are required for most universities.

Course information


How To Get College Credit

  1. Sign up for one of the high school classes that offer concurrent enrollment (see link above)
  2. Make sure you qualify for any course prerequisites
    • Prerequisite Information
    • You must have at least a 3.0 GPA for academic courses (Math, Language Courses, etc.) and at least a 2.0 GPA for CTE courses (Financial Lit., Digital Media, etc.) 
    • If you didn’t include UVU as one of your schools when taking the ACT. You will need to submit those scores.
  3. Complete the application and registration steps. Click on these links to get help completing this process.
    1. UVU Concurrent Enrollment Website
    2. Course CRN Numbers

Other Helpful Links

Utah Valley University (UVU) credit is transferable to other Utah State colleges, Universities.