Orem High School & UVU Concurrent Enrollment



Why Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment gives students an opportunity to get college credit for the courses they are taking during high school. This can not only save time, but it also saves  money. Concurrent enrollment credits are directly transferable to in-state Universities as well as some Universities out-of-state. Even if the credits aren’t directly transferable, the credits can count for elective credits – which are required for most universities.

Click here to view a presentation that explains more about why concurrent enrollment is a great opportunity: Why Concurrent Enrollment Presentation


Course information


How To Get College Credit

  1. Sign up for one of the concurrent enrollment courses
  2. Make sure you qualify for any course prerequisites
    1. Prerequisite Information
    2. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA for academic courses (Math, Language Courses, etc.) and at least a 2.0 GPA for CTE courses (Financial Lit., Digital Media, etc.)
  3. Complete the application and registration steps. Click on these links to get help completing this process:a.
    1.  Juniors and Seniors

      1. Junior and Senior Instructions
      2. Junior and Senior Instruction Video
      3. UVU Concurrent Enrollment Website
      4. Course CRN Numbers
      5. Parent Permission Form
    2. Sophomores

      1. Sophomore Instructions
      2. Sophomore Instruction Video
      3. UVU Concurrent Enrollment Website
      4. Exception Application
      5. Course CRN Numbers
      6. UVU Testing Center Information
      7. Parent Permission Form


Other Helpful Links

Utah Valley University (UVU) credit is transferable to other Utah State colleges, Universities and BYU