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Graduation Requirements

Credit Recovery

CTE Pathways Cords

Honors Cords

Students that meet GPA requirements will have the opportunity to purchase a silver or gold cord for graduation.

More info coming

Graduation Day Details

Orem High Class of 2024

Graduation Schedule:

May 24, 2024

8:30 AM

UCCU Center

Make sure you have ordered your cap/gown/tassel package at (required to purchase through this site to be part of the ceremony)

*You are welcome to purchase any other memorabilia from Jostens, or you can create your own announcements

Graduation Clearance Forms

All Seniors that are failing a class and/or behind credit by the end of April, will be required to complete a Graduation Clearance Form.

The form will be given to you after meeting with your counselor to discuss what classes need to be made up – or if you will need a teacher’s signature stating you will indeed pass that class (graduation happens before quarter 4 grades are posted – this process protects you)

If you are ON TRACK and PASSING all classes by April, you will not need a clearance form.

Civics Test

All students must pass the Civics test in order to receive a diploma.

Alpine Civics Exam