2018 Team Announcements
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The Orem High School Track & Field program has been self-sufficient over the years. We have been able to purchase equipment, uniforms, and other supplies to help our athletes compete at the highest level possible. This has primarily been due to funds we have raised hosting Tiger Trials. (*see below for more information on Tiger Trials).

We have been trying to save up to purchase a fully automatic timing system, but continue to fall short of our goal. We are looking for parents, alumni, businesses, and anyone else that is willing to generously contribute to help out our cause. 

We would love any contribution no matter how big or small.  Money will go directly into our Alpine Foundation account where you will receive a confirmation and a tax benefit form.  

As a point of reference, the system we are looking to purchase is a Finish Linx timing system that will cost us about $17,000.  This system will be used to support our home track meets including Tiger Trials, Region Championships, and other meets we host.  A good example of how this will support the community is that Tiger Trials has over 60 high schools with nearly 1,500 athletes competing. Tiger Trials is currently the main way that we raise funds for the Track & Field team.

So instead of selling chocolate, candy or cookie dough door-to-door we are asking for a simple donation. Track & Field is the largest of all the sports programs at Orem High school and purchasing this new timing system will help to continue to support our program for many years to come.  

2018 Meet Schedule

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2018 State Qualifying


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Head Coach

Andy Jacobs

 [email protected]



Assistant Coach

Adam Leifson

Throws Coach

Sam Bates

Lethia Tuimisava

Sierra Freeland

Kendrick Bayles – Javelin

Jumps Coach

Lindsay Henderson


Camie Jacobs